Nail Fungus

Onychomycosis – also known as toenail fungus,  is a is an infection that occurs when there is an opening within or under the nail plate allowing fungus to enter into the body.  It is a very common problem and one we treat successfully all the time! 

Fungus lives everywhere and especially loves dark, warm, moist environments (especially our shoes and socks!) 

Fungal toenails are more difficult to treat than Athlete’s Foot Infection (fungal infection of the skin of the feet)  simply because the nail plate is protecting the fungus and allows it to continue to grow and thrive.  

Diagnosis is made through a clinical examination or with a nail biopsy – a painless procedure where Dr. Tomsho will take part of the toenail and nail unit and send it to the lab to confirm fungal infection.  

Why do we do a nail unit biopsy? Yeast, bacteria and trauma can  all look and act like fungus – this procedure ensures proper diagnosis and proper treatment.

Tips to keep you feet free of Fungus!

1) A Polish to Fight Nail Fungus! Stay in-style with the season’s hottest nail polish colors using daniPro Anti-fungal nail polish!  We carry multiple products in our office to help fight nail fungus.

2) Use antifungal spray in your shoes, like Clarus Shoe Spray ~Eliminates 99.9% of Odor-Causing Bacteria and Fungus On Contact~Use this antifungal spray daily for a safe, all natural, way to kill bacteria/fungus and neutralize causes of shoe odor.

* Our office carries several options of antifungal products which are available without a prescription.